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Spouseville Information

Spouseville is the name of our home, which we have been building for the past seven years.  It's on 75 acres, at an elevation of 5500 feet, located in rural northern Arizona. 

It is about 1 1/2 mile south of Interstate I-40, 20 miles west of Seligman and 50 miles east of Kingman.  Once you get off I-40, the roads are all graded dirt roads.  Most cars can make it just fine, unless you have a very low clearance vehicle.  If that's the case, we recommend you park your car on Jolly Road, call us, and we'll have somebody pick you up (and drop you off afterwards).  Other than the Jolly Road offramp, the roads have no names and no signs.  Spouseville itself has no physical address. 

Spouseville uses solar power, propane gas, hauled water and private septic.  We also have no telephone landline, but your mobile phones will work with a strong signal in most places on the property.

The maximum temperature is expected to be 85 to 90 degrees fahrenheit this time of year. Lows are between 47 and 53 degrees. Sunset is at 6:55 pm.  The wedding and reception will be held indoors.

General Info About the Wedding/Reception

Other than Kevin and I putting on our finest threads, our wedding and reception will be on the informal side.  The bar will be self-serve and dinner will be buffet style.  We won't have a band, but we will have an international award-winning guitarist for our listening pleasure!

Please, no gifts.  This day is about love, not material possessions.  Your presence at our wedding is more than enough.

If you have any questions, please call Laura at (928) 380-1500.

Map & Directions

Please note that the wedding invitation indicates Spouseville is in Mohave County.  It is, in fact, in Yavapai County.  Here is a regional map of Spouseville.

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From Las Vegas through Kingman
(about 3 hours)
Leave Las Vegas going south on the US-93.  Cross into Arizona over the dam and continue on US-93 another 80 miles into Kingman.  Take I-40 east 50 miles to Jolly Road, Exit 103.  Turn right and follow the Local Directions below.

From Phoenix through Prescott (about 3 hours)
Leave Phoenix on I-17 going north toward Flagstaff.  Go approximately 60 miles, exit at Exit 262 toward Prescott on AZ-69.  Drive 34 miles into Prescott and merge into AZ-89 North.  Drive 47 miles and turn onto I-40 west.  Drive 43 miles to Exit 103, Jolly Road.  Exit and turn left.  Follow the local directions below.

Local Directions
From the I-40 offramp at Jolly Road.  Take Jolly Road south.  It immediately turns toward the east and parallels the I-40 as a frontage road.  Drive 0.6 miles.  Turn right (south) and pass through the Sierra Verde Ranch entrance.  Drive 1.0 miles.  The road will make a turn to the right (west).  Continue following the road another 0.5 miles, it turns to the left (south) again and Ts into another road.  Turn left (east), drive 0.15 miles to the head of our driveway on your right side.  You'll see a Spouseville sign.  Turn into the driveway, drive 0.25 miles, and park.

Click here for a local map showing the roads from I-40 to Spouseville.

Tentative Schedule

Wedding Date:    Sunday, August 31, 4:00 PM

4:00 PM    Ceremony
4:30 PM    Cocktails to Classical Guitar
5:30 PM    Dinner
6:15 PM    Toast
6:45 PM    Bride & Groom Dance
7:15 PM    Cake
7:45 PM    Slide Show
8:00 PM    Cocktails to Classical Guitar
9:00 PM    Goodbyes


We're finally tying the knot!  Can you believe it?  Although Spouseville won't quite be done, it's done enough for a party, and we refuse to postpone this wedding any more!  Sooo...pack those sneakers along with your high heels and come join us for an evening of fun and celebration. 

See you soon!

Kevin & Laura

Many of you will be travelling a long way from home to attend our wedding (thank you!) and will require lodging.  Here are your options:

Seligman Motels (20 minutes from Spouseville):
These are all historic route 66 motels with alot of nostalgia, but absent the luxuries you would find at a Hyatt or even Best Western.  They run $55 - $80 per night.  They are all pretty similar - no pool, worn-in carpet but comfortable, within earshot of a pretty noisy railroad - but the one with the best reviews on the web is the Historic Route 66 Motel (928-422-3204).  This link gives you the full listing. 

Kingman Lodging (50 minutes from Spouseville):
Let's start with the nicest...

Hampton Inn & Suites  ($107/night)
1791 Sycamore Ave

Best Western A Wayfarer's Inn ($85/night)
2815 E. Andy Devine Ave

Best Western King's Inn & Suites ($79/night)
2930 E. Andy Devine Ave.

Days Inn Kingman West ($60/night)
3023 E. Andy Devine Ave.

Route 66 Motel ( $35/night)
2939 E. Andy Devine Ave.

Our guests are more than welcome to park their RV at Spouseville if you don't need utility/septic hook-up

Seligman KOA

Our guests are more than welcome to camp at Spouseville.  We have a full bathroom available for your use while you are camping.

Dress Code

We recommend nice or professional casual attire for the ceremony.  Ties are not necessary, nor are high heels.  If you do bring high heels, you may wish to bring a pair of flats to get around outside.  If you would like to dress up for the ceremony and dress down for the reception, by all means do so.


Children are more than welcome!  We will set up a TV with a DVD player in our out-building so the kids have an area to play that is their own.  If you are bringing kids, we encourage you to bring movies, games and toys because our youngest kid is 25 and his movies and toys may be unsuitable.  If they play outside and are on the younger side, you will want to keep an eye on them because it is, after all, rattlesnake season.  Also, feel free to bring play clothes for them.


We are very pleased to have our reception catered by Patty Marquez.  Patty is from Thailand and owned an excellent Thai restaurant in Seligman with her husband, Albert, for many years.  They sold their restaurant a few years back and we have been missing their cooking!  Patty and Albert will be preparing a Thai feast for us that will be served buffet style at the reception.  Beef, chicken and vegetarian dishes will be offered.


We will be offering beer, wine and margaritas at the reception.  We want everybody to be safe, so if you choose to drink, please have a designated driver for the trip home.  Otherwise, there is plenty of room at Spouseville to throw down a sleeping bag for the night.

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